Hey all Hope your Tuesday has been filled with awesomeness and Jrock!

Looking for 1-2 new mods
What are the specifc jobs of these mods?
To recruit and spread the word of jrock_pvz
while promoting contests and to take this
community to the top. Also sorting things
out such as tagging things ( band tags)
Theres alot to do and I don't have the time
due to school and work so if your interested
in just the recruitment or the nitty gritty
please let me know!

What do you want that jrock_pvz doesn't have? Tell us we want to hear from you!

Have a great one guys!

<3 Darkmouzy
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It's been a while...

It's been a while since I've posted. I guess you can say life got in the way
and I ultimately got caught up in it all. Many have been upset for my absence but
as all of you know a death of a loved one can be quite devastating and to those
who were complaining there is my answer I'm not going to explain any further than that.
However I do owe an apology to the community.

From the bottom of my heart I'm sorry to you all...

But that's not why I'm posting.

Today I'm recommitting myself to bettering this community as it's
creator and founder I promise this to you guys.

So I ask... what do you, the members, want to see more of on jrock_pvz?
Can be anything from a specific content to contests.

So leave your comments and let's breathe some fresh air into this community.

<3 Darkmouzy
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I'm searching some special PVs

Hey my dears,

I'm very sorry if this it not the kind of post this community want his users to post. I searched for hours to find a convenient and active forum where I can pose my question, but I couldn't find any. It's hard to believe that a band like "GazettE" don't have an active community to compare notes. But anyway! I really need to find out the names of some PVs which I've seen in some cuttings in a fan-clip about Uruha.


I need to find out about the scenes at 1:09 (I know that's from Zetsu, but is there any other PV where Uruha is seen "on the street"?) and 1:34 in front of the mirror. Does anybody know about something that could help me further? 

Thank you already in anticipation and many greatings,

REQUEST - kannivalism PVs

I'd like to request for kannivalism PVs for ホシの夜 (Hoshi no yoru) and リトリ (Ritori), since my laptop went *kaboom* and I lost all my files. ;_;

I would be very grateful if someone could help me out! Thanks!
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